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Business Generative Agility Leadership

The Challenge

For an organization’s across-the-board success it is not enough to have High Performing Teams (HPTs) within individual departments. Generative Agility Leadership is the ability to optimize the whole organization into a singular HPT rather than having a collection of individually high functioning groups such as Information Technology or Product Development departments.

An organization must be fully optimized to work at a sustainable pace and generate the highest value. Agile Leadership is needed to navigate change in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) business environment and bring high performance to every aspect of the company’s operations.

A common objective is to align enterprise strategy with product delivery to maximize value for the organization. Generative leaders help organizations and people achieve amazing outcomes every day by tapping into being more courageous and connected in their leadership ability and style. In this way, they contribute to their own personal and professional growth as well as that of their employees while delivering value to customers.

IMERSHEN Solution – Creating High Performing Teams

The IMERSHEN Generative Agility Leadership module addresses this critical element of overall business achievement. It focuses on leaders at C-Suite, Vice-President, Director, and Managers levels and converts these highly successful individuals into leaders for growth and development. Through our immersive and interactive learning module, leaders are enabled to engender cohesively high performance throughout the organization.

Our Generative Agility Leadership program creates interactive scenarios where leaders can experience, through visualization and guided role-playing, how to build an environment where all team members can thrive. We create pods comprised of groups of leaders to interact within an immersive learning environment that allows an agile leader to learn the concepts of creating a continual learning community for the people entrusted to their care, including employees, customers, and outside partners.

The IMERSHEN Generative Agility Leadership module is a set of simulated scenarios that use Augmented Reality (AR) Visualization and Serious Games to learn to build an environment where team members can thrive.

AR has been used to simulate real-world scenarios for some time. For instance, a pilot first learns to fly by using a flight simulator. Today’s technology delivers AR in small, mobile, easily accessible units such as goggles and glasses. This has made AR more usable in everyday business scenarios such as to see how a product moves through development, manufacturing, and distribution or to see how on-site employees deliver in-store services.

The second interactive tool in this module is Serious Games. Gaming technology isn’t just for gaming anymore. Serious Games can be very effective when designed for learning and practicing skills, particularly because many people are now comfortable and familiar with using gaming technology. This play-based experience can be applied to a variety of learning scenarios. For instance, executives can work through a simulated scenario of enabling teams with seemingly different goals to work together.

Training through this blending of immersive technologies, which is tailored for individual learning needs and styles, helps executives create and maintain an environment that enables the whole organization to respond to opportunities and threats using frameworks, innovation, and collaboration.

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